Demonstration Videos

The IRB has developed the following videos on a variety of IRBNet topics that give step-by-step instructions from a UC Davis researcher point of view. Each video contains UC Davis specific instructions that guide you through different aspects of the IRBNet submission process and system.

For written instructions, visit our IRB Submissions webpage.

In This Section

How do I submit a New Project for IRB Review?

Learn how to create a New Project and submit for IRB review.

Runtime: 10 min, 36 sec

How Do I Share Project Access With Other Personnel?

Learn how to your share a project in IRBNet. A project can be shared with other research team members, signatories, sponsors, or others who require access to study documents or IRB review status.

Runtime: 2 min, 38 secs

How Do I Electronically Sign an Application?

Learn how to electronically signing a package in IRBNet.

Runtime: 1 min, 50 secs

Using IRBNet Tags

Learn how to create and manage IRBNet tags and use to organize your projects in IRBNet.

Runtime: 2 mins

How Do I “Stack” Or What is “Stacking” of Documents?

Learn how to stack documents in IRBNet.

Runtime: 1 min, 8 seconds

How do I submit changes or reports to the IRB after the initial approval?

Post approval submissions include changes to approved research, continuing review progress reports, study closure and reportable events. Learn how to use the Post Approval Submission Form for all submission types after the initial approval.