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The number and complexity of human research protocols at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) have increased substantially in recent years. Each of these studies requires review and ongoing oversight by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), a process that is vital to the university’s ability to conduct research.

In 1999, following the practice in place at most peer institutions around the country, UC Davis implemented application of an IRB Review Fee for review of industry-sponsored clinical research (including clinical trials). Prior to that time, all of the cost of overseeing industry-sponsored research at UC Davis was fully subsidized by the F&A (“indirects”) funds received from the federally funded grants, as well as by state funds received by the University.

While the fee structure for industry-funded research is now being updated to help meet current needs, please note that University continues to heavily subsidize this activity.

We have received approval from the Office of Resource Management and Planning to proceed as follows:

Effective October 1, 2009, in order to streamline the process of application of IRB Review Fee detailed below, UC Davis is implementing the following changes to its IRB Review Fee program:

IRB Review Fees will be collected based on the following rates for all industry-sponsored projects, regardless of the committee reviewing them:

    • Initial Review: $3,400
    • Each Annual Review: $1,600


The above-listed IRB Review Fees apply to all research involving human subjects, fully, or in part funded by extramural funds, and conducted by UC Davis employees, students, or agents, except for any project for which the sponsor is one or more of the following entities, with no participation of any industry sponsors:

  • Federal government
  • State of California and its local governments
  • Non-profit foundations
  • UC Davis Departmental discretionary funds
  • Additionally, the following IRB reviews will not be assessed IRB Review Fee:
    • Reporting adverse events;
    • Annual review of investigator-initiated clinical trials (however these projects continue to be subject to IRB Review Fee for their initial review);
    • Review of modifications and amendments of previously IRB approved projects;
    • Review of study closures
    • Projects that qualify as “Exempt Review”, as defined by the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 45, Part 46, Section 101(b)(1) through 101(b)(6) and the 2018 Common Rule Title 45, Part 46, Section 104(d)(1) through 104(d)(6); 
    • Unfunded projects, such as projects conducted by undergraduates, as a part of their educational activities are also exempt from the application of IRB Review Fees;
    • Medical records research that is not industry-sponsored;
    • Reporting of noncompliance, potential unanticipated problems, or adverse events;
    • Applications involving a non-research use of a Humanitarian Use Device;
    • Application for emergency or one-time use of an investigational drug or device.


The UC Davis IRB will charge the following fees for research involving a reliance agreement. No fee will be charged for research funded by a Career Development (K) award.

UC Davis IRB Reviews for an External Institution

Existing Reliance Agreement

  • UC Campus: Initial:$1,000, Continuing:$800
  • Non-UC Campus: Initial:$1,337, Continuing:$1,070

No Existing Reliance Agreement

  • UC Campus: Initial:$1,600, Continuing:$800
  • Non-UC Campus: Initial:$2,139, Continuing:$1,070

UC Campus: Initial:$2,224, Continuing:$1,211

Non-UC Campus: Initial:$2,974, Continuing:$1,620

UC Campus: Initial:$2,224, Continuing:$1,211

Non-UC Campus: Initial:$2,974, Continuing:$1,620

UC Davis IRB Relies on an External IRB

UC Campus: Initial:$2,500

Non-UC Campus: Initial:$3,343

Human Subjects Research Budgets

Researchers need to account for applicable IRB Review Fee in their proposed budgets for industry-sponsored projects, as well as budgets for all subcontracts they expect to receive from such industry sponsors.

IRB Review Fee Collections Process

The Office of Research -Budget & Finance unit will use the DaFIS Financial System – Accounts Receivable module to invoice the sponsoring agency for IRB fees.